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How to get rid off Android process.acore has stopped on Archos GamePad?

My son has a game pad and when turned on it says the android process acore has stopped and wont donanything else please helpd?

What happens when you bring up the options on the lower right corner of the screen anyway, despite there being an error popup in the middle? It seems like this should be an easy fix as long as you can find a way to access the Settings screen and do the steps I mentioned earlier.

Thanks for reply but when u cancel the info bar it auto comes back up so cant use any settings or anything

After a bit of searching, I found a simple solution that might be able to fix this problem for you. Open Settings and go to Apps, then swipe twice to the right and look for Contacts Storage. Select it and look for the button that says Clear data. Press this button and choose OK to confirm. Let me know if it takes care of the issue!

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