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What to do when screen froze on 'Configuring Windows updates 100% complete' on my Toshiba Encore Mini?

My screen has frozen on my Encore Mini it says 'Configuring Windows updates 100% complete. Don't turn off your [email protected] Help?


I pushed the CTRL and Tab keys and it worked.  Said it was 85% done and did finish installing and worked fine.

I had this problem and ended up taking to local computer repair shop,he pressed the power button and volume down button together for about 10 seconds,my tablet shut down I switched it back on and everything was fine no problems.


Many thanks for your answer, my tablet has gone on to tell me that I need to reset it but as it is frozen I can't access the keys. I have sent an email to Toshiba Help and am awaiting their reply. Ah me ....

Hi there! This may sound funny but in my computer, when it shows like that, I simply shut it down. So far, I haven't experienced a problem. But that may be different on a tablet. Has it ended? How did it go? Sorry for the late reply.

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