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nithin r pillai

Does Asus warranty cover cracked screen of the Asus Transformer Book T100?

My transformer book 100 's display get cracked n touchscreen is not working. .where could I replace the screen within the warranty period? ???

Damage (accidental or otherwise) to the Product that does not impact
the Product’s operation and functions, such as without limitation to rust,
change in color, texture or finish, wear and tear, and gradual deterioration;

in paragraph 6 section e it states that damaged caused by the personal user is not cover. But since the cracked screen interferes with the touchscreen therefore it impacts on the product's operation and functions . So therefore it should be covered by the warranty

Unfortunately, product damages made by the user is not covered by the warranty. Personally the best way to get your gadget fixed is thru it's manufacturer. So I suggest that you contact Asus, get a quote for the repair, and ask for the nearest authorized service center in your area. Good luck!

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