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My Samsung Galaxy Rush won't turn on. What can I do?

My Samsung galaxy rush died and I didn't plug it in until about
An hour later and now it will show the smsung screen and turn off and keep doing that repeatedly but will not turn on.


My boost rush phone will not turn on i plug it in and there is no battery lite either what do i do

I did that and it still doing the same thing

Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson

My phone will turn on, show the boost mobile logo then go to the Samsung screen and flashes the Samsung letters. Any ideas?

My phone is doing the same thing so what do I do in how long to keep it off

What can I do if my phone just turned off for no rissen and won't turn on

Hi Maddie. It seems that your phone is stuck in a boot loop. My friend's Android phone was also stuck in a boot loop for no reason. Her phone suddenly restarted and kept on doing it repeatedly. All she did was remove the battery to turn off the phone, waited a few hours before turning it on and then everything was back to normal.

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