How to receive picture messages and connect to the Internet on the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim?

when i have a wi fi connection i can get on the internet just fine, but if i have my wi fi off and/of dont have any connections to a wi fi network, it still wont let me on the general mobile web? why? also just hooked this phone up tonight and i have full service no roaming, and when i clicked on a pic message it said " check to see if network is available ". please help me

You don't have data connection. It's either you have it deactivated on your phone or you don't have the service.

To activate or deactivate data, press and hold the power button for a few seconds until a menu comes up. Choose Data network mode.

If you do this but still can't connect to the Internet, call your carrier. You need to get a data plan for your phone if you want to use data while on the go. As for me, I'm on a monthly plan and I make sure that data network mode is always deactivated to avoid huge charges on my bill. I don't use my phone to access the Internet unless there's a Wi-Fi connection available.

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