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My previous usage of my prepaid

I don;t understand why my prepaid is constantly running low. Can you show me my usage ?

Hi Aarno. Here are ways to monitor your usage:

Monitor your voice, text messages and data usage using your TELUS online account

1. Log in to your TELUS account

2. Click Account Activity , and then the Transaction History link to see your previous 90 days of transactions

3. Select a category:

  • Select data usage and other charges from the drop down to see text message transactions
  • Select calls from the drop down to see available call details. Select a call type to further filter
  • Select other options as desired, to see available details

Monitor your voice and text messages using the My Account app on your Prepaid Smartphone

Monitor your voice and text messages using your TELUS Prepaid device

  1. Call #123 and enter your PIN when prompted
  2. You will hear your Add-on expiry date and remaining allotment minutes or messages. You may choose to remove or add auto-renewal.

Note: If calling 1-877-277-7745 from another device, you will need to enter your subscriber number and PIN before registering your credit card.


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