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My number is spoofed

People saying they are getting calls from my number but I didn't call them

I suggest that you either change your number outright or report it first to your carrier. This is scary but you might have to change outright. That will be a hassle especially to the people who you know who will need to know a new number but it will be the best decision that you can make because of the safety that it can bring you. Hopefully, there are no problems when you do this because there are some solutions to this albeit it's a hassle.

I would suggest that you call Freedom themselves because this is a big problem. Did they try to answer the phone? If so, what did they hear? This is a tough task to tackle because having that kind of situation is scary. Make sure that you contact the people in charge because this is dangerous if something drastic happens and the number is still connected to you. Try to disassociate yourself from that number because you might get caught up in something bad. Good luck and stay safe!

Hi Aly. I suggest reporting it to Freedom Mobile so they can look in to the issue.

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