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What is the Kobo contact information for customer support?

My new Kobo is defective. Input port is broken loose from position. This site is supposed  to provide contact info so i can claim. No info. Does Kobo support its customrs?

Hi. Your faith is touching ...but unfortunately not realistic. Fact is, I have written 2 emails to Kobo. They have not bothered to reply. This company has no sense of responsibility whatsoever. DO NOT BUY their junk!! I am going to mail my Kobo Arc 64 Junk back to the store and tell them to give me cash. Which I do not expect to happen. Kobo is a disaster!!

Richard Greig

How and where do I send my kobo for repairs under warranty?I purchased my Kobo arc in Dec of 2012.

Hi Mary. You can find the contact information for support from the Kobo page.

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