My Motorola Atrix HD just shut off and wouldn't turn on. What could be the problem?

My atrix HD just froze up...then shut off. Been off for over an hour now. Doesn't charge or even led doesn't light up with charger connected. Will not turn on?

My Motorola Atrix HD was working fine until I put it in the car charger. When I took it off and into the house it just turned off! I tried the reset buttons many times and I even took the battery out for about 5 minutes and it still won't turn on ! When I plug it in the outlet charger the green light comes on but the phone still does nothing... What can I do??? Please help I'm getting VERY irritated..

I am using mine and my phone still wont come on how long will it take before it comes back on

my atrix hd wont do anything the only thing on is my screen but its just lit up nothing will work. what can i do.....only had the phone 6 days should i take it back and get a new one

Hi there! Are you using the original stock Motorola wall outlet charger? When your phone's battery gets discharged down too far, only a high current output charger, like the original stock wall charger, will bring it back. Charging from a desktop USB cable won't do it.

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