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What to do when Micromax Bolt AD4500 hangs a lot?

My micromax bolt ad 4500 hanging too Much . How can i repair it

whether it cause damage to our phone if we delete the apps that are under app info. my phone was hanging and i backup my phone still it is hanging sometimes and it is not showing the apps that i downloaded from playstore

this phone so much hanging tried to all patter but he is not stop handing so many problem in micromax bolt a400

Micromax ad 4500 is hanging to much what I do


I even erased the phone factory settings before but still its hanging a lot. When I bought this phone I was thinking this would be a really nice phone but as we all know that acceptation always hurts the happened to me. Can't I do something and make this phone in a better condition??

Hmm.. I will first free up space and delete some frequently used apps. If it's still the same, I will restore the phone to factory settings.

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