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joseph martinez

What to do when ZTE ZMAX's screen froze?

My metro zmax is frozen at the screen unlock i cant turn it of or enter the code?

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My zte phone screen is locked

My zte max will only turn off and when I try to unlock it the whole screen won't work even the buttons 

My ZTE keeps freezing ,cant receive calls sometimes , its ridiculous, i tried everything suggested, its so annoying, what can i do?

My phone been froze for about 2 or 3 days now and it will not allow me to put my code in . I tried the power button and volume button but that still doesn't seem to work.What should I do now?

I been having my phone for eight months I've tried shutting it off and when I turn it back on it still downed work I've also tried taking it back to the provider but they say to get a new phone but they can't save all the pics to the new one

Zte obsidian screen is completely frozen, won't do anything. I've tried the instructions here as well as taking it back to the provider. Nothing happened other than the suggestion to purchase another phone as this one could be defective. Phone is 1.5 months old.

Press and hold power key for about a minute or 'til it turns off.

what do i do when my zte zmax phone screen froze completely i cant turn it off or cant do anything

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