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My HTC Raider 4G doesn't want to turn on. What can I do?

My little nephew took the battery out of my HTC Raider while it was on. Now it won't turn back on (i placed the battery back). What should I do?

And will I have to pay to go see my provider and ask for the battery? I know I'll have to pay for the battery itself but for them to insert it in my cell phone?

Thank you for the advice. I tried to charge it, but the only thing it was doing was to flash some red and green lights. If I buy a new battery, will I loose everything that was on my cell phone? Like my apps and photos?

Hi Stephanie. Charge your phone first then turn it on. See if that will work. If it doesn't, bring your phone back to the store where you purchased it from to have them check it. They should try inserting a new battery. If that works, you will need to buy a new battery. Battery was probably damaged during the time your nephew removed it.

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