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My LG P715 keeps on resetting. What can I do?

My LG P715 resets upon turning on from shutting down in flight. It displays yellow screen emergency mood, then finally resets, losing all data I stored in the phone. What is the remedy, procedure to correct this malfunction?

I have the same problem with my phone, EVERY single time my phone runs out of battery i loose all my settings and anything that i downloaded or stored on the internal memory

Hi tony. Try to hard reset your phone. Here are the steps.

- Turn off the LG Optimus L7 IIP710.
- Furthermore Press and Hold the Volume Down button + Both Power button.
- When the device vibrates release the Power button only.
- When the LG logo appears on the screen press the two buttons again for 2 seconds,
- Then release them before the LG logo disappears.
- Let the device for about a minute until the operation is complete hard reset, and then you can use it again. source

If problem still remains after the hard reset, I suggest you contact LG to get your phone repaired.

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