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Why won't LG Optimus Showtime receive text messages?

All of a sudden it just quit recieving text messages but i can send them.

Sadly dont have an answer but i have this problem all the time. The *22890 works sometimes. Sometimes i have to do it twice and then restart the pos. I think its just the phone dude. Idk about you but ive dropped mine plenty of times and i feel like what happened is somekind of reciever or something got fucked up. Were probably better off with new phones.

No answers today. Restart isnt working...or power off, *22890, unmount sd card, clear browser history, Airplane mode, clear cache, ...nothing...tell me what I forgot to try...please...oh, my voice mail icon will not go away either...ugh!!!!

Simply restart your phone. Maybe you just don't have network signal.

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