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Why is the camera flash not working on ZTE Majesty?

it was working just fine this morning and i put a hard cover case on my phone and it hasn't worked since. and the case is designed for the phone so it's not covering anything up.

can connect the camera

I have had a similar problem with my flash not working, usually if my battery goes below 25% or so it won't allow the flash to work. Also it sometimes stops working if I take a lot of photos back to back, then restarting the phone usually helps.

Hi Dawn! Since the only thing you did was put a hard cover case on the phone before it stopped working, maybe it really isn't a hardware issue, but instead a software one. Launch the Camera app and take a look at the status of the flash according to the flash icon on the screen. Is it set to Automatic, Force-Flash, or Disabled? You have to make sure it is not set to Disabled in order to use it while taking pictures. Hope this helps!

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