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Mable Rivait

What can I do if my Kobo Glo is frozen?

My Kobo Glo is frozen, what do I do?

My Kobo Glo locked up. Tried standard reset with paper clip and got nowhere. Then tried factory reset. Ended up a blank screen and what appears to be an endless loop in the syncing program. Have a green flashing light and nothing else. Any suggestions would be welcome

Mable Rivait
Mable Rivait

Thanks for the tip. I tried it and unfortunately, it didn't work. Any other suggestions?

Try performing a basic reset on your Kobo Glo. To do so, locate a small hole on the bottom of the reader. Unfold a paper clip and slide an end into the hole. Press gently until you feel a click. Your eReader should restart by then.

Let me know how it goes.


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