What to do when HTC Desire 820 won't charge?

My htc desire820 not charging what can i do?

From past 1  month my mobile is not getting charged properly 
& while charging it shows slow charging,nd even after charging for hours the baterry percentage is still the same,while i connect with my  HTC Desire 820 charger it reduces the battery level instead of getting charged,kindly help as soon as possible as i cannot keep on looking for sockets to charge my handset all the time. 

My phone is htc desire 820 take 3 hours to fully charged some time it take more time but its battery backup is 3-4 hours only then what is actual problem with it .i can't understand that its charging slot is damage or battery .plz help me

Does the Factory Data Reset wipe internal storage too? Or just the apps?

Bro but it happens while the battery is dead.is this technique works properly??

Hey..I got a solution. My phones battery was low..i was charging it with a power-bank super charger Out 2.1A..and working on my phone..but it froze. I let it charge or 2 hours but it still was stuck. Took it to a local store and they tried to turn it off but in vain...finally the battery got drained and it would no charge.. the red light was just blinking while charging..and it was not getting warm..i took it home and charged it for an hour but it was still the same..that is when I googled about it ad bang on..here is the simple solution...I read..Press the power button and simultaneously press the volume lower down key..or approx 2 minutes...and tadaaaa..the phone became alive and gave me various options and I read to use the factory reset..selected it by the volume up and down button and pressed the power button to start.. 10 mins my phone was up and running again..power light was not blinking anymore but it was properly charging..yes I lost my apps and data..but my phone was alive...was it not worth it? Just give it a shot pls.

My htc D626 is not charging properly. When charger is connected it takes charge for 1-2 minutes while blinking RED LED. After 2 minutes battery icon does not show it is charging but RED LED is still blinking. Within 2 minutes it takes charge but after that time it does not take charge. If I repeat this process about 1% charge is increased. Please let me give some solution. Thanks in advance.

Here my issue which i got problem with my HTC Desire 820 atually due to low battery my phn got automatically turned power off, Later i used to connect with HTC charger. Then i kept it for an half an hour, after i used to do 'POWER ON' the phone but my device ( HTC Desire 820 ) not getting 'ON' and i observe my phone was not charged and the LED is not continually blinking. please give a perfect solution to this problem. I'm very much upset due to this issue.

I've faced this problem as well especially after the lollipop update. Here are the list of things u can do by urself 1)change the charging socket. 2)change ur charger 3)install limited apps and force stop any unwanted apps which run in the background. 4)Use the original htc charger. 5)charge your phone with extreme power save mode. These tips worked well for me. Especially tip 5. Enjoy!

my htc 820 phone in not charging while switch on and take charging in switch off mode. pls tell me what is the problem.

Suruchi Thapa
Suruchi Thapa
I too have this same issue about LED continuously blinking when the charger is connected. My phone was charged well (60%) when it suddenly shut down on me and then it didn't even turned on. I've tried all the sorts of troubleshooting - changed the charger too but in vain.. What shall I do?

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