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Why won't Samsung Galaxy S II turn on and charge?

My Samsung s2 olleh won't charge and won't turn on ..I charged it around 12:00Am and when i woke up around 3:00Pm i press my phone to check the time but it didnt pop something to let me know my phone is turn on .. I thought that i just accidentally remove the charger on my phone so it got low battery and shut down because the wifi is on and i'm installing an app before sleeping.. I try to charge it again but it won't charge .. I tried my extra charger but it wont work .. I thought that i just have to rest the phone but still nothing happened .. If you suggest a battery well it also nothing .. What Am I going to do?

Try to reinstall the battery. Let us know if that works. Also, after you reinstall battery, plug in your phone to charger and check if it charges.

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