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Why does the Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) run out of battery and heat up fast?

My battery drains 10% for 40 mins  on moto g 2 gen. how to reduce drain of battery and phone get heat about more than 42 degree Celsius?

You will often see that the largest percentage of battery usage goes to the screen. Sometimes as much as 50-60%. If you see that, then remember to turn down the brightness of your screen.

Which are the apps that daring out battery charge

I also have very bad experience with Moto G battery backup .I force to charge twise a day ...and carry power bank...don't know how to manage it

My phone drains a lot within 3 hours the total charge of 100 % drains out how to over come this pls say what to do

my phone battery is discharging too quickly ...
whn i use my mobile continue internet its discharging and also getting heating ...last week my phone stand for 5 hours but yesterday i reseted my phone nd i getting a discharging the charge so quickly...


My moto g2 gets unduly heated up and battery gets drained very fast..

My MOTO G2 is hardly 15 days old but the battery gets discharged very fast. Like if it is 60% now then after 2 seconds it will show 1%. Also it doesn't take charge after it. I have to switch my phone off and then put it in charge. After putting it in charge the battery shows 80% immediately. And if I take it out and switch it on, then again it shows 1%. Please help

It is because some of your app might always sync,best way to avoid heating is just uninstall all your irregular used apps,and try to shut down all the app which is been running on your phone.
Or, It might be with the problem of your data connection,whenever you don't use internet try to keep your data in disabled condition.

my phone was heated in 20mins continues used.why this problem comming?

It is because of the apps you installed, specially those that requires internet connection and always sync. I suggest that you manually force stop them to stop working when you aren't using the apps. With regards to phone heating up, it is because of the same thing, phone processes a lot apps. I use a different Android phone and experienced the same, what I do is uninstall those rarely used apps and force stop some too.

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