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Why does my Alcatel One Touch Evolve receive duplicate text messages?

My Alcatel evolve receives duplicate text messages. I have tried to get this fixed at T-Mobile. Replaced sim card then returned phone and received a another one. Problem still persists.
Don't know what to do next.

I have gotten the same message from a friend about 14 times now.  For example I got it around 10:28 PM and now again at 2:45 AM.  We've both tried from both ends to stop this by clearing text messages from our phones.  It is very disturbing, and I don't know how to stop this.  I have a Consumer Cellular flip phone, Alcatel A32CC Model.  Anyway have any answers.  I have the phone turned off, battery out, and SIM card out now for the rest of the night, to see if that resolves anything.  Please help.

I am having the same problem with Virgin Mobile. For two months, we've been wiping the Alcatel Onetouch, reverting to factory defaults, replacing the phone and the SIMM. Nothing is working.

It is annoying because clients send me text messages, but they get buried by earlier messages, so I miss them. I have asked my clients to download and use Voxer instead. So far, no duplicate messages on the Voxer app.

The Bread Man
The Bread Man

Gary, I feel you. The only way to solve it is to factory reset your phone. Allow me to guess, your battery drains unusually faster now doesn't it?

I have the same problem, it was fixed by downloading the app 360 security, it did solve the problem, however, the problem came back a few days after.

It's your phone, not your carrier.

Hi Gary. It's either people are sending you the same messages multiple times or there's a problem with your carrier. Contact your carrier and settle the issue with them. Hopefully their support team can figure out the issue and stop messages to be sent to you multiple times.

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