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sangeeta sapkota

What is my Chatr account number?

I need a statement of my account for the last 6 months.  Prior to Aug I had paid

75.00, then again on 8/14/16 paid 25.. the again around 8/18/16 25.00, then again in Sept

I am not sure why my payment date was changed, and what happened to my 75.00 I paid in July. Pl email me my account details from June 1 to date.

To pay your monthly plan fee and any chatr pay per use charges, you can use the following methods of payment:

- Automatically by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) using our chatr autopay service
- By using the self-pay option with INTERAC Online, Visa Debit
- Chatr top-ups available in $10, $25, $40 and $50 denominations.

You can purchase a chatr top-up voucher at many retailers across Canada.


Amandeep amandeep
Amandeep amandeep

How can I pay my bill

Check your bills, it's in there. You can also contact Chatr so they can help you identify the account.

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