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What to do if you don't want to renew contract with Fido?

My 3 year contract will expire in September, I don't want to renew it, what should I do? Also I now only want to use Pay as you go?


fido tells me there is a minumum monthly plan I must subscribe to in order to get a specific phone at the reduced price. EG, I must subscribe to a plan of $25.00 or more to get a reduced priceed phone. On their web site there's a $20.00 option plan and to choose the phone you want at the reduced price. The only monthly plan you must have as a minimum of $25.00 is if you ordered an iPhone. All the other carriers mention a minimum monthly plan cost of X amount of dollars. Fido doesn't mention it on their site exceot for the iPhone option.. when you speak to them, they tell you different and the web site is in error. What??

Just inform Fido that you do not want to renew your contract so they can stop your service when your contract ends. If you want to move to prepaid, you also need to call customer relations:

- 611 free of charge from a Fido phone
- 1-888-481-3436 from any phone in Canada

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