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Why is move apps to SD card option is missing on my Coolpad Note 3?

I had bought a refurbished Coolpad Note 3 white variant yesterday. Though there were no noticeable defects in the hardware, i stumbled upon this error in the software. The move to Sd Card option is missing not just in any one app.. but in all the apps. So now whatever I download from the play store goes directly to the phone storage and there is only so much you can store on the phone. Please help! Also, I think this problem is due to my version (I currently have build number v019) and although i have the automatic updating switched on on my device, still it doesn't show any updates. Please help and reply at the earliest.

Hi there. Can you move apps to SD card before? If you can't even before, then it was setup by the manufacturer like that. Some don't like the idea of moving apps to SD card cause it may just cause instability.

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