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What can you say about the Motorola v361?

does anyone have any opinions for this phone?

there are a couple user reviews posted on the v361 here:

is there a reason this phone is so cheap as in money wise is it because it is a rly bad phone ???? because i am looking into buying this pphone and im younge like 16 so i dont need a amazing phone ???

I hate this phone. The font is too small. It goes silent in my pocket and I don't know why. I'll look at my phone and see a few missed calls. Then I check and see for some strange reason it's in silent mode. I don't know how it got that way, it just does for some f****** reason. Phone pisses me off.

The alarm on it sucks. I set a morning call. Its supposed to go off every day at that time. Sometimes it does and sometime it doesn't.

Speakerphone sucks. It goes on when the phone start ringing. Sometimes people can't hear me on the other end. They're like yelling Hello and they can't hear me. I have to go back to regular mode which sucks when I'm driving.

Camera is horrible. I'm always having to switch the memory in order to take pics.

Really horrible f****** phone for some of the features. Does't seem like they tested this thing enough. I hate it and one day will smash it against a wall.

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