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What are your insights about the Motorola V220?

I have read very mixed reviews and contradictory reviews on the Motorola V220, and its hard to determine if this model is a piece of crap, or is excellent value!

Here's the thing re our needs:

- we need two phones on a new plans for my wife and I
- we use the phone for about 10-50 minutes a month
- we want to be able to hear the phone ring, and hear the other end clearly, and be heard clearly
- we want flip phones
- we do not need cameras, games, fancy displays, etc
- we don't want the phone breaking in 30 days

Currently on the Rogers 3 yr family plan
- cost of two Motorola V220 : $49 .in total
- cost two Samsung X426 : $49 .in total
- cost of two Motorola V300 - $398 .in total (the kids have these and love them)

So clearly the V220 (or X426) are by far the best deals here.....unless they are total crap. Are they?

Just trying to get some confidence before I place the order...

I don't know about the v220, but as to your usage, you might be better off with some non-plan program.

They are called pre-paid.

After about 4 hr. research, I'm looking into either Cingular "Pay as you go." Or has a great plan.

You can get more phones at Cingular, but Virgin's costs are 25 cents for first 10 minutes a day and 10 after that. No roaming or long distance on virgin.

I only use my phone about 30 min a month, so I think I'm going to save about $300/yr. on a pre-paid plan.

:evil: Whomever that is has had a real real bad exprience with motorola, for example i had a v60i with fido , i had gone through 6 diffrent phones since that one , but i think it depends on the model, you may want to get a more established models or makes , even though my v60i is an exception, the v series had been around for almost 6 years since introduction , but the last version that i have , is still the best @ reception with only 1900mhz GSM , rather than rogers' 850/1900MHZ GSM, sometimes :P :shock: :roll: :roll: :P 8) :lol: :o :( :) :D

just so you know pretty much all MOTOROLLA phones are CRAP they are cheaply made and that v220 it looks nice but it's cheap plastic and scratches easy. the picture quality isn't tht great. If you insist on getting a camera phone get the nokia 3220 it's camera and video and it's amazing.

Well , I got both of these phones for me and my dad and the X426 gets some what better reception and a much clearer screen plus clearer reception :o , As for the V220 , i had the same dillema , i've used it for close to a month now, i think its good but could be better, with a bigger screen and better camera, but that wasnt in your agenda , but it does make a diffrence in pricing beteewn the V300/V600 models that cost upwards of 100 dollars with 3year contract so be very careful.

As for Quality , many say the X-426 has horrid reception, but that may be the area of use and network, but with ROGERS , there are no probelms to be reported, as for the V220 , it is good to with its QUAD-BAND capablities and I find it to be a very good phone, although the V220 has a better battery life than the X-426. With the deals going on now your best bets are the phones you originally chose which are the V220 and X-426, as well it maybe in order to get diffrent phones or get the same ones to save money on accesories depending on what you need.

Aaron Goldberg :lol:


Cheap feeling/looking.
Poor reception.
Bulky design.
Poor interface compared to other brands (samsung)
Just generally combersome.

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