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How can you transfer pictures and ringtones from a pc to the Motorola c341?


I just bought a Motorola data cable for my C341. It works just fine with the software provided (Motorola's mobile PhoneTools). I noticed that when I plug in my brother's phone (Motorola V300) it allows you to change the pictures and ringtones.

Why won't this work with my phone, and if it does, is there something I did wrong? The only reason I bought the data cable is so that I can put new pictures and ringtones on it, (it can still download ringtones off the internet too!)

If there is no way for me to do it through this software, is there some sort of hack program that I can use to upload ringtones and pictures to my phone? Please help me. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps

In your free time, check out some relevant pages on...

different phones..the V300+ phones use a newer firmware. You may check motorola's website and see if there are any open discussions that have talked about your problem. All phones have different features, and depending on teh make and model, some phones have more flexability.

- C

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