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Why does my Motorola Moto X Play say phone is busy or just blank response when getting calls?

Purchased moto x play yesterday in india, having issue with incoming calls in both sim slots, either it says phone ia busy or blank response majority times. Got the phone with android version 6.0, have checked call forwarding options, all is fine there. Have checked sim in alternate device and sim is fine as well. Pls suggest

I am also started facing this issue. I am not receiving calls from unsaved number but usual from the contacts. It automatically gets rejected without any notification. And the calls hears phone is busy. Tried restarting phone - no luck.

Did any one found a resolution. Please help!

I am also facing the same issue. Always busy on incoming calls and no notifications. If anyone could help?

even i have same issue ...incoming calls not working as it showing that it is busy no notification bar visible what to do ? please help

Even my MotoXplay is showing the same symptoms for last one week , no notification bars visible and no incoming calls all turning busy and getting rejected.

im facing the same problem..pls suggest the solution guyss...

Any solution.I am facing same problem.

Any solution to this issue? I am facing the same. Phone does not receive any calls, always shows busy. & notifications are off! Tried re-starting the phone a few times as suggested above. Have not tried the 'factory reset' option so far.

I am having the same issue. Including Notification Bar does not show any notification. Cannot Switch user. @Gaurav : Did u find any solution.

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