Why isn’t the Motorola i870 from Mike not working with the Giro Tune up II?

I am very confused on the difference on the technology side between regular cell phones and mike phones.

for eg. My friend purchased Giro Tune up II for his ski helmet. This is speakers and a 2.5mm jack for a cell phone (doesn't work with my i870) and a 3.5mm / 1/8"jack for a mp3 or ipod. the cord has a PTT button on it for use with FRS radios and a volume knob. it is supposed to allow mp3 to play music and phone to ring in speakers, hit ptt button and answer phone. hit ptt button to activate frs radio communication

see www.giro.com under ski helmet accesories for more info.

My i870 has only a 2.5mm jack for speakers, why does it work wiht his phone and the tune up and not my mike phone?

are mike phone 2.5mm jacks and stadard cell phone 2.5 mm jacks different?

is FRS radio 2.5 mm jack / headsets different than that technologically required for mike phone PTT headsets and jacks? IE why does this 2.5mm jack work with any FRS radio and not the MIKE phones

Researching I found this link

this product looks identicle to the tune up product (even uses the same skull candy brand name) except the tune up speakers are built into a ear muff that clips directly to the helmet specifically for the giro ski helmets. the cords and PTT button assebly appears to be 100% identicle.

It appears to me the i870 us useless as a mp3 player (headphones so far not available) and the i870 cannot be considered to be a regular cell phone (or at least the 2.5mm jack) as it doesn't work with the tune up.

I have visited three TELUS retail outlets, including a service center (not mall kiosks) and they have been useless, no information on the phone accesories, no knowledge at all on the technolgy side. I even was told "mike customers don't want all the gadgets so there is nothing available" :shocked:

I am sure I am not the only one in this dillema as what is the point of investing in the i870 and other MIKE mp3 phones if they can't be used as a normal mp3 player and additionally I am sure I not the only one wanting to connect this to a tune up or similar product.

I thank you for any information you can give on this very frustrating matter.

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