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Why is the message storage memory not ready on the Nokia C3-01?

I haven't been able to receive or send texts but I can call and receive calls. I believe this has to do with an sms (proxy?) code that I can't figure out in the phone. There's also some messaging settings I can't access either. Here are the resets I have tried, putting everything back together each time:

- Restarted phone.

- Took out sim, battery and memory card for quite awhile.

- Took out sim and memory card and reset the phone to it's factory settings (using the code 12345).

- Took out sim and put it in my friends phone and his in mine (I still couldn't get texts: He got about 74 texts but he tried to view them and nothing showed up).
- I have tried the three button keys (don't remember what they are) but it didn't work so I didn't care to remember.

- Last thing was trying the "*#7880# call" and phone says "Result unknown (!)."

Not trying to be rude in the highest possible manner but can someone please give me an answer that actually works?! Not being able to text is bugging me to death.

Check if you have the right SMS Service Center. It's in the settings in messages.

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