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Why does my Meizu MX4 Pro get a problem when trying to make a call?

HI, i am havving problems with the phone. When i put the sim in and copy my contacts.
I klik the Green button to make a call, but a message with a problem appears and the contacts meny closes and goes back to home menu

Cannot make a call and incoming call...please help me.

Where is the fix please!

Carl P, thanks!!!! It worked!!!! Now that the problem is solved, can you explain me, why this happened? Thx again!!!!

Hello! I have the same problem as Athanasios and the solution you popose didn't work, unless i got it wrong. Please help, i cant call anyone or store a contact.

Hi there. Can you tell us what the message in the pop-up says? Please let us know so we can help.

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