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Why does the Nokia Lumia 1020 have a fragile screen and why does it cost so expensive to repair?

I'm the big fan of lumia1020 and i get one for less than a year. there is a big problem i meet today that my lumia1020 fall down from bed(less than 50mm hight) and the screen broken. the screen still show it's only the outer glass broken. i ask the sale service they told me the repair price is 1500RMB which means the half price of the device. so here is my question: why this device is so fragile? why the repair price is so expensive?

Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed

I also broke my screen and was so shocked of how the repair was to cost me so much money.I think it is down to the fact that the lumia screen is complete with the digitaliser which means you will have to replace the whole thinks unlike in samsumg phones where you only replace the screen.Nokia should make a change to that or at least the lumia phones should come with a custom screen protector.

Yeah, I fully understand you. Parts cost a lot and as you can see, even phone protectors too.

Carl P
I beg to differ
I donot buy this argument that it matters how did it fall down, because, none of the fone companies, viz samsung OR lg OR earlier Nokia, have so fragile glasses (it actually is a Corning Gorrila glass).

And replacing the screen is hell of money, i mean second hand fone's cost?

I think it depends on how it is dropped. I have a cheaper phone and dropped it few times already, still good and working. With regards to screen repair cost, yeah, as far as I remember, repair cost has been expensive even before touch screen.

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