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How to switch from Bell to Koodo Mobile?

I need hi-speed internet and coverage for two phones, Blackberry Priv & Iphone 6+

Unlimited data and Canada wide coverage

Hi Michael. If you want to move your number from Bell to Koodo, check if it is eligible here.

Here are some pointers to remember when switching your number to Koodo Mobile:

  • Keep it live. Don't cancel your current service before switching to us. Your phone number must be active in order to move it.
  • Have it at hand. Have your phone, an invoice from your current service provider, and if possible, your service agreement when you move your number. Just to be safe, you should review your existing service agreement to find out what charges might apply.
  • Don't delegate. Only the authorized account holder can transfer a number.
  • Unlock it. If you're bringing your own phone to Koodo, make sure it's unlocked before activating your account with us.


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