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Has anyone experienced the LG 6190 randomly shutting off?

I recently got an LG6190 fasttap phone and really like the features. The only problem that I have noticed is that the phone will sometimes turn off. Has anyone experienced the phone randomly shutting off on them? It hasn't happened while talking but has happened a few times when the phone is not in use.

Thanks, newcell :?

There has been reports of processor glitches in the first generation LG. This happens when there are to many programs running in the background when a call is place or a text is sent or recieved. The data is not stored do to the glitch which causes the phone not to recieve or send data.

This problem is a programmers error, which can be fixed by getting a larger processor which can be hard as well as expensive to replace. A much simpler and Less expensive solution to the problem is to end tasks manually by killing all running programs. This can be done by holding down the home button for3 second then pressing end all tasks and running apps.

Has anyone had problems with placing a call and the call not being displayed in call history or send a message and it not appear in messages

I am using LG KP199 last for 3 years.... even i have faced same switch off problem some time but what so good about my phone is it repairs itself....last it been switch off but when i plug it to battery switch it show full battery....when i removed it for switch board then it was keep on automatically switch off....then finally i switch on my phone during charging, when it opens i have switch off it my self then after removing it from switch board i have tried to switch it is working well....

Yes, my phone does that at least 3 times every day and i have the lg neon. It will also sometimes say service detached and than ill have service or sometimes no sim card entered when it shuts off and than comes back on but my sim card is inserted!

My cell phone (LG 290C) is having a party since I got home from class. In the thirty minutes I have been browsing for an answer, the phone has shut off and restarted all by itself at least 15 times. It won't stay on long enough to do anything. It does not make a difference whether I let the phone sit, or if I try to send a text, open the web browser, make a call, it will just randomly shut off. Up until a week ago (I have owned this phone for five months) it worked perfectly. In the last week it randomly shut off twice, but that's all until today, when it had this major problem. I wish I had the answer. If anyone can tell me anything please do. On here, or email me at

I am having the same problem i cant tell if its battery connection,battery, dirty phone or what?
i also have an lg xenon its just pissing me off anybody know what to do ?

My LG UX5000 (with US Cellular) is doing the same thing; sometimes shuts off or reboots. Sitting on my desk it has restarted four times in the past hour. It is several years old now so I'll probably be told to get a new phone and they'll try and get me to sign for another two years.

my LG rumor just randomly shuts down- most often when it's just in my pocket- but sometimes when im trying to type a text

I am having this same problem but my phone is a Samsung sgh-a437. I took it to the ATT repair center today and they told me that because the little square above the battery was red that my phone had water damage. I know that there is no way that is does. I checked the other phones in our house -- 4 others all the same model -- and they *all* have red squares. Yet mine is the only one that isn't working. I think the squares are always red and they just use that as an excuse to not replace your phone.

Here's some info my husband found about the moisture stips in cell phones.

I have the LG Envy and I am having the same problem. I think I just figured mine out. I think the battery is not clipped in tight enough and it is losing contact with whatever powers the phone. Just jiggle the area where the battery is. I always wondered why I didn't get the power down sound when it shut off like it does when the battery is low. I guess I will take to the shop eventually.

I was looking for anyone having problems with their LG phone shutting off. It looks like I am not the only one. I have an LG VX5400 - in fact this is the second one. I returned the first one because after the phone lay unused for 5-6 hours, like over night, the phone would shut off. Most importantly, I was unable to restart the phone without plugging it into the charger. Mind you, the battery is fully charged. As soon as the phone is plugged into the charger it starts up, and appears to be fully charged. I received a replacement form LG, and unfortunately, it is doing the same thing.

Does anyone have a lead on this problem? Thanks in advance.

a friend of mine has the shitty lg6190 and has the same problem but the phone only shuts off when sending a text message and then try to reenter your inbox...needless to say the phone is a piece of shit but the fast tap feature is the best ive seen on a telus phone so far.. i have cancelled my telus contract due to the shitty service reps who need a attitude adjustment...there phones are crap and signal and service area is worse the fido and fido just sucks

My 6190 randomly shuts off too! Its usually when trying to access text messages, it will just restart! its a pain in the ass! And alot of times I get some texts about 4 or 5 times over and over again.!

I have a 6190 as well as my buddy, his 6190 is a bigger piece than mine. His reboots randomely, turns off when texting, doesn't alwasy receive text messages, the list goes on. My 6190 on turns off if you close the phone to fast after using it. This is my 3rd LG phone, first one I got stopped letting me receive calls, I went 2 days, before think, gee why hasn't anybpdy called me. And the 2nd was a replacement LG phone same thing, so I figure I would upgrade to the 6190, well it is just as bad, I WILL NEVER BUY AN LG PHONE AGAIN!!!!!

I was having this problem also. I purchased my phone in Sept 05. I wanted to know if it was isolated to my set or if it was an "LG" problem when I found this site. Thank God you guys reported your problem. My phone is will Telus. So for all those who might read this with the same problem, I took the phone to Telus and reported the issue. The rep sent out the phone and have me a loaner. He said it would 2-3 weeks. 2 weeks later (yesterday) I got back my phone. So far so good. Telus reported it as a "software issue." I think the Telus warranty is 1 year. I will be monitoring it closely and if it even does it just one more time, I'm taking the phone back - so don't let anyone tell you that it was something you did! Tell them to get it fixed!!

The LG6190 and LG3200 have had these problems for some time now. It is covered under warranty or a replacement if you're within 30 days of purchase. I had the same problem with mine and they fixed it,my only problem now is that 50% of the time,when I go to text message my phone will turn off and on......wonderful. God bless you LG........

I have been having the same thing with my LG6100. It is a phone that is a month old. They replaced my other one for free because the open/close sensor was malfunctioning and would make my ringer not work. Anyway, they had no idea what it was until I diagnosed it and demanded a free phone. I recommend to all of you who are still under warrenty to read up on this and demand a new phone. The thing with the water works as this. There is a strip at the bottom of batteries. It will turn PINK if it has gotten wet. If they try to say that yours has gotten wet, suggest that they give you something to wet it with and if it changes colors then they are incorrect. Perhaps ask them for a new battery or something first. Make sure they know that you know what your talking about before you do this. They must be fully convinced for you to not have to wet your batteries strip.

The lg 6190 hmmm how many people were told that telus has never heard about the cell phone { lg6190 } shutting off.. bastards .. the same thing they told me. how many people have to tell them before they listen

C'mon kids. this is a software problem, take it to a dealer to get the software update!!

My problem has gotten worth... It happens like what slymer53... when I take a picture etc..... Telus said "They never herd of thid probrlem"

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