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Has anyone experienced a problem with the LG 6070 regarding battery charging?

hey i just got a lg 6070 cell phone from telus and its telling me low battery so i put the adaptor in the phone and it says on the screen "battery charging"so i left it ovrnight thinking it would be done in the morning but when i woke up and turned my phone on it warned me to charge the battery again. Turns out it didnt charge at all. whats wrong am i doing something wrong? any advice would be great thankyou

Telus stores now have a fix for this problem. Phone needs to be flashed. Bring it in to your dealer to see if they have the Version2 software.

well every thing seems to be ok but mabey the battery is fried or it could evn be the charger

hay there, just read your post, the deal with that phone is some of them have DOA batteries. You phone fits that description, now the official word from telus is to put the phone on the charger while it is still on, then power it off while still on the charger, then turn it back on, that is the temporary fix. The DOA period for that phone is being extended for that specific problem however and you can take the unit back to the dealership you bought it at and they should exchange it for you. Hope that helps!!!!

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