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Why won't pictures open in LG Tribute?

LG LS660 (Tribute) on KitKat. Pictures wont open anymore: internal camera shots to inbound text oictures. Anything related to pictures is NOT working on this phone! This is not an update problem as I never allow updates until I know they are clean and don't mess phone operations... as some updates have.

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I'm having the same problem on my formerly-perfect phone. Forget google+ -- if you read their license agreement, they collect and conglomerate info on you from everywhere, and take it over. Google insisting that we install google+ to play a static image file on our own device, is ridiculous. It is as bad as in the old days, in Windows 95 (1995) when Microsoft did a similar thing -- if you tried to open a sound file on your computer, even though you ALREADY HAD an app to read/play it that came with the system and was installed, Windows 95 would tell you that you had to get online to be able to play it and you had to get a MSN online account to play it — which I believe was not free (I don’t know, I never did it) and which also gathered data from any sources they could find. It’s equivalent to a detective using your  IP address and computer info they get electronically from your using them, and also name, email address, birthday, location, and any other information you give them, to make assumptions about you and gather it all together and count it as you, and then sell it to their affiliates (also, google+ automatically creates “circles” of people; and anyone can “follow” you so that they are notified if you post anything, but you have no say over who follows you even after they do it, so if you have a stalker or a crazy ex, good luck with that). Is it really worth seeing a few pictures to give away your identity like this?  I now understand why google took out the famous "don't be evil" because now they are copying the Evil Empire. Shame on them, not that they care. If more people would stand up for ourselves, google and their ilk would not be able to get away with shady business practices like this. 

But what if google+ isnt in your phone how will you go about it then ?

Re-enabling google+ helped. But this is somewhat unfair that I am forced by Google to run the service I actualy don't want to.

Thanks for the help- Same problem- as soon as I re-enabled Google+, it went back to normal. Agree with the previous poster about the memory issue.

Same problem LG Tribute is a piece of crap. Poor memory cannot download apps to sd card unless rooted? More bs and worthless camera and the phone itself has no idea how much free memory it has one app says like 1.2 gigs another app says 586 mb free on internal memory yet, it cannot download a game which is a whooping 3.25 mb

Thanks for the solution, pictures are working now after enabling Google plus again. I felt the need to disable it because the phone ran out of memory after it was installed. It all works now hope memory isn't starved.

Frickin' bullcrap. I hate stupid takeover apps. Frickin' uncontrollable all in my business stupid apps I don't even want causing my pictures to not work. This is idiotic & frickin' governmental on a China level. I used to like Google. Stupid Google+...should call it Google-.
Frickin' Google Negative...


Your google+ needs to be enabled. I had my disabled and my pictures kept saying file not supported. Just enabled it and all my pictures are working just fine

thanks Andi i just enabled google + and it works again.. i dont quite understand why we had to do that, but at least it is working again.

I had the same problem after disabling the Google+ app. Very puzzling and frustrating problem, until I remembered messing with some apps a couple days before. Once I enabled the app, my pictures began to display on my phone again. Make sure Google+ is enabled.

I'm having the same issue. "file type not supported" when opening pictures. I can take pictures with the camera and share them to social media and they work fine, but cannot open them.

I find it strange that so many people are having this problem and not one single suggestion to fix it. Other than install a third party app. No thanks. I want my phone to work as it is supposed to. Not hey download another app to fix a phone that is supposed to work from the factory.

Hey guys, try installing a 3rd party gallery app. Let us know if you can view it by doing that.

Its so weird. The same problem is happening to me but i dont know why. Every image is saying file type not supported when i try to open the picture. I tried restarting the phone but that didnt work. I just dont want to restart the phone to the factory settings. Anything but that.

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