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Why won't my LG phone turn on?

my LG phone won't turn on, and yes the battery is fully charged! I took the battery out and put it back to see if that would make a difference but nope, it didn't. Yesterday all day my phone said no service but wifi still worked. I couldn't call or receive calls but could use the internet, what's that all about?
Thanks for any input.

Hey Allison. Did anything happen to your phone prior to this issue? Did you drop it or spilled water in it? The best thing to do is to have your phone checked with an authorized LG technician.

With your phone having no service, have you checked with Koodo how good (or bad) the reception in your area is? If reception is weak in your area, you can expect to have this problem repeatedly. Also, their could be ongoing maintenance in your area thus causing the problem.

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