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Will the LG Optimus One work with a D-Link Wireless N Router?

I'm thinking of getting this phone. At home I have a D-Link (model DIR-601) wireless N router for an Ipod Touch (works fine with Ipod). If I go with this phone through Koodo, instead of a data plan,I will likely use wifi in my house or at libraries etc. I don't know much about Wifi. The LG Optimus One according to information on this site shows 802.11 b/g. Does that mean it will only work with routers that are wireless b or g and not n series? Thanks for your help!

The LG Optimus One will work with a D-Link Wireless N router. 802.11n routers also support backward (so-called mixed mode) compatibility with 802.11g and 802.11b equipment. source

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