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Can you transfer images from a LG 535 to a computer with the use of a card reader?

I was thinking of getting this phone but there is one question I have that hopefully someone can answer.

Sicne this phone uses a mem card to store images that means that I can just take the card out and transfer the images to my computer?


Do not buy LG535, as a typical as any slider phone my 535 ribbon cable got a cruck and front screen starts going funny on me in 4 months. Repaired once, but after 9 months I have got the same problem. I discarded this slider phone for good after I opened the unit and saw a crack on the ribbon cable. Do not buy any slider.

Is there any one here who has episodes of THE SIMPSON , FAMILY GUY or somehting that they can send to me so i can put it on my LG 535.

or can you tell me where i can download episodes of movies to put them on my mini sd card

When you get your SD Card,

put it in the phone and do a RESET CARD

This is the ONLY way you can get MP3's on it. It formats the SD card to a file structure that the LG 535 can read. Directories for MP3, Images, and Videos.

Also Note, On a 256 meg card i've put 10 episodes of the Simpsons on it. Great quality (use the Nokia Multimedia converter to convert mpg's to .3g2 the format the phone uses) AMAZING PHONE!

Thx for the answer. I just got the phone and a mini SD card. I am using my brothers 6 in 1 card reader and its working fine. I lvoe the phone so far but it seem that you can't make your own image and use it on the phone.

Each time I try I get a "Abnormal File Format" warning on the phone. Kidna of sucks because it would be cool to make your own wallpapers.

I've had my LG 535 for about three weeks now, so I guess I can provide an answer. Yes you can save images (taken with the phone) on to your mini sd card, but to transfer those images to your computer you need:
1) A mini sd card adapter, which will let your mini sd card fit into a REGULAR SD CARD slot. This adapter is usually included when you buy your mini sd card (as was the case with mine).
2) A card reader to read you SD card that attaches to your computer (I got mine for $15 from


hmm. good question. i'm not sure about this, but for some reason i don't think you can save the images onto the removable memory (miniSD). that is only used for photos and video.

anyone else have some input on this one?

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