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Does the LG 4010 have good reception?

Hey cellphone community!!

I'm looking at buying the LG 4010 from Rogers. I'm not looking for anything fancy...don't need the bells and whistles. All I want is a good sounding phone that gets a good signal. What do ya think :?:


Lorne Green

That all depends on where you are, exactly. Rogers has problems in some areas... Not that they'll openly admit this. Again, I have too much experience with this. Too much emphasis is being placed on bells and whistles instead of companies focusing on the fundamentals of cellular service - Call quality!!!

Not bad looking phone. Simplicity can be a good thing. However, things get really complicated with all the security codes. I'd advise you not mess with the default codes or you'll be looking at a new SIM card. Happened to me with a brand new phone I hardly used (18min - 1 day). Matter of fact, I'm not 100% certain the phone wasn't at fault... Or, maybe a faulty SIM card was the culprit.

this is a good phone but as for the reception i need to no were you live in canada

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