Why am I unable to answer calls on the Lenovo VIBE K5?

New phone, used only for a week. Lenovo VIBE K5, not able answer to the incoming calls. Able to hear incoming call ringtone, but not able to answer. After rebooting able to answer the calls only for couple of hours. After that again the same issue, not able to hear incoming call volume, not able to answer any incoming calls. Basic functionality of the phone is not working.

It's working,.... Gys u allso can pick the incoming call just u need to move the circle which showing on the middle of the screen....u need to move up and down to answer and reject the call

Hi Siva. Hopefully, they will provide you with one. But if they don't, I suggest you perform a master reset. But if issue still persist, Check if there is an update available and update your phone. If that doesn't work, you can perform a master reset and hopefully, that should resolve your issue. In case both methods don't work, since you mentioned it's a new phone, try asking for a replacement. If they find that you have a valid reason, they should provide you with a new one. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!

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