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Why does the ZTE Quartz keep restarting?

Why does My Z797C keeps restarting by itself?

It is the phone. Total Wireless has sent me two replacements and I use them for less than a week and it starts restarting itself again. I put it in safe mode so it is not using the apps and it still does it. There is something wrong with the operating system of this phone. I only have 9 pics on my phone right now and it keeps restarting. I only have 4 apps that I added to the phone.

Most likely your memory is full. Try removing some apps/ deleting picture, etc. That should help it.

Why does my phone keep restarting by itself constantly, and I keep have trouble puting it to sleep. I push the button nothing happens. Sometimes I can get it to sleep when it restarts,but it just repeats itself over and over again. Very annoying and I'm minutes away from throwing my phone across the room. Please help.

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