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Beverly Jankura

Why does the screen of LG G Stylo flicker when you tap it?

Just purchased a brand new in the box LG stylo haven't had it but 10 days and I try to tap it to turn on and the whole screen flickers and you can't tap to do anything is this a defective phone or battery?

Brand new phone twice now has had the whole screen Flickr and it is seems to be frozen easily fixed by turning phone off and then back on

I got purple flash when I turn on screen update

Hi Beverly. Go to Settings > Developer options and disable these:
- Show surface updates (or show screen update) NOTE: This may differ on your phone so look for something that says the same.
- Show GPU view updates
- Disable HW overlays

If you can see developer options, go to Settings > About > look for "Build number" tap it seven times or until phone says you unlocked developer options.

Let us know how it goes.

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