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Why won't LG Leon ring when there's a call?

We just bought it today. It can play sounds, but will not play ringtone when calling. Also won't play ringtone when in the menu to switch ringtones?

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Same problem happened to my wife's LG Leon. No ring sound all of a sudden. What the heck ? Calling worked and also receiving calls worked okey but no ring sound when I called her phone. I thought her Leon got broken. I looked up Google and found this trouble thread. Set it to Have No Notification Interrupt ? Wait a minute. I checked Settings quickly. Her Leon was already preset to Have No Notifications Interrupt. Calls and Notifications option was preset to Priority Only, that makes sense. I clicked Priority Only under Advanced tab and found that Incoming Calls option was not selected. That was why. I selected Incoming Calls option and tried a call. It worked !!!!!! It rang immediately. I guess she unintentionally clicked and changed some preset settings by mistake. She does not know anything about smart phone settings. So guys click Priority Only under Advanced tab and select Incoming Calls option. I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot!!!! My wife tried to figure out what was the problem on till I found your page and follow your instructions and...everything its fine Thanks a million!!!!

Take a look into settings> Volume and check to make sure that Interruptions is set to "Have no notifications interrupt". If the prob continues change your volume setting all the way down to mute and then change it all the way up... Restart the phone and if the problem continues do a master reset after backing up all your information.

My lg leon is doing the same thing and it is not on silent. It has not rang since i got it.

Maybe phone is in silent mode? When in homescreen, press volume up key and then try calling your phone to confirm if it is working.

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