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Is it possible to cancel a Telus contract that has been made only 2 days ago?

Does anybody know how I can get out of a contract that I just signed up with like two days ago. it was my son and quite by haste that he signed up and took out 4 units at 45.00 per month each, he's only a kid of 18 and this was too exspensive a mastake for him.

How can I get out of this contract without spending so much money to break the contract.

There has to be a way.

I thought that there was a law that allowed you to break a contract within a givin period of time for ANY reason at all....

Please help me! too much cost....I need out....! :roll:

alright ill tell you somthing my friends just bought his phone and like you he got that same plan so he said it was stolen and he got a new phone for $70 but they also gave him the option of quiting the plan for FREE

or switch your plans, telus gives you two free switches, after that it's something like $10 to switch.

$20 x number of months remaining, or $100 wichever is GREATER of course.

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