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What can you say about Virgin Mobile’s Audiovox 8910?

hey :)
well i was just wondeirng, is vergin mobile good? or not? right now i have fido, and anything would be better then that, but is it? And i have been reading reviews like crazy to see if this phone is good (Audiovox 8910) but everyone says different stuff:S its confusing, but if anyone can help me with this, i would be so thankful!! Anyways, thats it...hopefully someone will answer, byee!

i just started up a virgin prepay acct and after two weeks of using it I cant get through to top up my acct. Cant top up through the phone, internet, or by phoning toll free. All three tell me services are down and to try later!

It is a damn good thing that I am not sitting in my car in the ditch somewhere or I guess I would be screwed right now!

Does that answer your question?

use your own judgment, fuck what other people say !!!!!!!

I have a poor opinion of Virgin for this reason...

From June to October 2010 I had a month to month contract with Virgin Mobile.

On October 30th I lost my phone

On November 1st I went to a local Virgin cell phone vendor and got a new phone, new number and switched to a pre-paid account. While on the phone with a customer care specialist that day I was told that a 30 days notice is normally required to cancel a post-payed account. I explained that if I was going to have to pay for an extra month in post-payed that I would wait to switch to pre-paid, as there is no point in having both. I was assured that it was fine to switch, they would waive the 30 day notice and that if I switched to pre-payed right now I would not be charged for the extra month.

Sometime (I can't remember the actual date) in early December I noticed online that I have gotten a bill for November. I phoned into Virgins customer care who made a case with billing. I was told by the customer care specialist the bill was waived. I asked again for the account to be closed.

Sometime around the end of December start of January I noticed I had received another bill. Again when I phoned in I was assured that there had been a mistake and that all issues were resolved.

January 31st I received a letter stating I owed 114.10$ and that my account had been suspended. I phoned in to Virgin that day and spoke to a customer care specialist. I was told there was no record of the past attempts at cancellation and he couldn't explain why someone would have told me my account had been credited to 0 and was being closed. Billing was closed by that time. I phoned back the following day.

February 1st I phoned in again I was told billing had looked at the case and that the charges were valid. I further explained what happened.The man said he would speak to billing but that they wouldn't change their decision because the case was "closed." The man spoke to billing and when he got back to me told me that the had waived the December bill but that the November bill had charges on it and was valid. I asked speak to billing but was told that I would not be allowed to speak with billing until I payed the balance. I left the phone, checked the bill and noticed my bills were from 27 to 26 every month, so I had 4 days of usage on my November bill. I phoned back in, explained the usage and explained I was fully prepared to pay for the 4 days. The woman I spoke to told me again that the case was closed and that billing was not going to change their mind. She phoned in to billing again and when she got back to me billing had come up with an arbitrary amount of 28$ that I owed. When I made it clear that I was not going to pay more than I rightfully should she quickly credited the rest (which was strange that she didn't have to talk to billing again). She also told me that someone from the accounts department would close my account and phone me in 3-5 days and tell me my account was closed. Well it's been 7 days, no phone call. Today I phoned in and it STILL wasn't slated to be cancelled, WTF? So this time it's supposed to take 30 days to close, we'll see...

I had Virgin prepaid for 3 1/2 years and I always received excellent customer service. I received free call display and free voicemail. When I called customer service, my calls were answered quickly by a human being. A few months ago, my cell needs changed, and I switched to one of their monthly plans. I regret doing so.

With a monthly plan, I wait on average, 18 - 22 minutes in queue before I can talk to a human being (ridiculously long wait time). Adding features like call display and voicemail on monthly would've been $6 each, so I no longer benefit from those features :(

Also, once you switch to monthly, Virgin will inundate you with text messages (fill your inbox), if you are even 1-day late on paying your bill!

Virgin has recently become part of the Bell umbrella. In my experience, Bell has never been big on customer satisfaction/service. I would expect that Virgin will pick up the same customer dissatisfaction that Bell has. Virgin has no escalation process for complaints...(ie. there is no corporate V.P. customer care team for escalating complaints).

I've grown tired of waiting 20 minutes to talk to a human being at Virgin....I'm currently shopping for a new cellular provider.

On a positive note, I have NEVER had a dropped call :)


Truely to say Virgin mobile uses Bell mobility service, which is very good it combines several services, just like Rogers.

i do not think it is good, it is about one of my friend 's experience, maybe she did not got the right price one,
i got my phone from SOURCINGMAP three months ago, just about $180.

I had Virgin for a number of months and thought it was great. I had no complaints about anything. I find that I spent about 100 bucks a month on calls. Now, I'm with TELUS and I spent 389 last month with overages. :shocked:

Virgin is good. But first list all the features you need and then compare. there are too many options available


Reception is good as it is the Bell network. As for the Audiovox 8910, I had one for over a year, and also working at Bell, I see that it is a surprisingly good phone, but will not really last you more than a year. The pin for the charger gets loose around that time, and therefore it is hard to get the barrel charger to connect with the phone and charge. Even if one were to get it repaired, the problem will persist. So in essence, it is a good phone for a year.

Virgin mobile uses Bell mobility service, which is very good it combines several services, just like Rogers.
But, you dont get your calls droped 1000 times a day

I've had VM Canada for 8Monts so far and i'm happy:bigsmile:


you could talk to some people in your home area and see if any of them are using bell. if they are and are happy with the service, then you should be happy with virgin. they use the same network as you know.

as for phones, there selection isn't great but you can look at the user reviews here at the site to see what people think.

good luck to you.

It depends on how much u use their services. BTW you can get that phone cheaper, I believe from Telus. If you are not going to use the camera option I wouldn't recommend it though. The problem with Virgin is that they don't have a lot of customers (none of my friends are with them) and we get free calls now to people who are with the same company. With Virgin that would be very little. When they first came to town I thought they would be cheaper than the rest of the gang, but that doen't seem to be the case at all.

oooo...yea the phone is 179$, i have no idea if thats good or not cause the one i have now cot me yea. I know people that have the phone, and it would only cost me 5cents to text message, and i would use the camera a lot, whenever im out with friends.. I know that they are partners with Bell, so if the bell coverage is good i guess Virgin is too? i dont know what to Thanks for your help :) i really appreciate it

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