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Is this a scam for plan take over?

I'm in Ontario of Canada, have signed a Fido 3 yr plan and to get a discontinued Blackberry Curve (at the time signing contract), now still have 18 months to go. Want to cancel now and don't want to pay almost $400- for a discontinued BB.

In a website, found a person saying he can take over any kind of plan in Canada, just pay him $50- when DONE. He will provide me a new name to transfer my plan to him, I'll wait till all transfer done, and confirmed my name no longer on this plan, then pay him C$50- cash. Any one think is this true or is a scam?

I can only suggest that you research the guy or the website he owns to see if he can be trusted. Be very cautious when dealing with strangers online. Maybe someone in the family or a friend is interested in taking over your plan. Try that first.

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