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Is there any free photoshop program on mobile?

Hi, I'd like a program that lets me do loads with my photo's. Is there any free Photoshop program that I can download and allow me to do selective De-saturation of pictures? Please let me know if any of you know any good free Photoshop programs, especially those who allow me to do selective De-saturation or "cutouts".

I found out one application for my i touch called "Color-splash" but I'm not sure how worth would it be to buy since it would be very annoying to be editing pics on such a small device, but if you have it or you know it, I would also appreciate your reviews!!

    Hi Cathy. You might want to check out Pixlr. I'm not sure how well it handles what you need but it looks pretty powerful.

    If you are using an Android device, I suggest that you try using all this apps:

    • Adobe Photoshop Express (link)
    • Adobe Photoshop Mix (link)
    • Adobe Photoshop Fix (link)

    Hope that helps!

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