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Where to find user manual for my Koodo phone?

Is there an online instruction for the Koodo? so difficult to navigate through? My last phone was easy to get around but this style is driving me crazy. Trying to find my phone messages - deleting and getting my voice mail. I am of the older non computer savvy generation!!

I have a ALCATEL KOODO where or what website I go to 4 a manual 

Have a htc desire 320 Koodo phone. Do not know how to use it at all. Need step by step directions

Click the reply beside your answer, it's where my reply is. :)

elizabeth hiscock

I have received two emails advising me that there is a response to my question but when I click on the site there is no answer there.

elizabeth hiscock

The mobile phone I am using is the LG Madison.
Hope this helps.

elizabeth hiscock

I am using the very basic LG mobile phone & would like the answer to this question also.

Which Koodo phone are you using? So I can give you a link to the download page of the manual.

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