Is there a prepaid plan that include unlimited free incoming calls?

I would like to know if there is a Nova Scotia prepay SIM card that has unlimited free incoming calls throughout the state.

kamrul hasan shahan

Unlimited incoming calls and free local call 1 month or two months plan

I should have mentioned I already used the plans function. While useful, it doesn't help me as the "free incoming" gives plenty of results which are not "free incoming" or only "free incoming" in the local area and not province or nationwide.

So I was hoping someone could help me find the prepaid sim cards that have unlimited incoming calls all over Nova Scotia?

On top of this page you will see Plans. Click on that and there you will see a list of filters.

1. Under Availability click on switch and choose the province and city where you'll be using your plan.
2. Under Payment Type, click on Prepaid
3. Under Features, click in Free Incoming
4. Click on Update Results.

You will now be presented with plans that are available in your area that include free incoming calls. Hope this helps :)

Which wireless service provider are you planning to get the plan from?

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