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Is there a headset included when you purchase the Kyocera Tomo S2410?

What are the specifications of the headset? Is one included with the purchase of the phone or I have to buy it (I don't use the blue tooth)?


Hi Alex! A 2.5mm Nokia headset should work just fine with your Kyocera Tomo. Try it then let us know if it works :)


Thanks a lot for the reply, Carlperlas! The provided site is not available. I have a 2.5mm Nokia headset. Do you think it will match the Kyocera Tomo S2410?

Carl Reeve Perlas

Kyocera Tomo S2410 headset has a 2.5mm headset jack. The headset is not included when you purchase the phone. I found a website that sells Kyocera Tomo S2410 headsets, you can find it here.

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